Shitbox Rally

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the Shitbox Rally. Documenting the crazy idea of driving some very questionable cars through some of the most remote roads in Australia and New Zealand.

“Shitbox Rally was founded by James Freeman after he lost both of his parents to cancer 12 months apart.

James and his brother nursed their parents through the last stages of their lives. When his Dad passed away, he was devastated. It was a dark time, and James needed something to excite him and help him to make a difference.

Shitbox Rally has always been about having fun, and not taking the serious task of raising money for cancer research too seriously. He spent months working out how the rally would work, and how to make the experience a real challenge for participants. He knew he’d need support to grow awareness of and participation in the rally organically… The more ridiculous the concept was, the better.”

Photo by: Lachlan Gardiner
Photo by: Lachlan Gardiner

Filming this rally I have come across some of the most beautiful, fun, crazy and resilient people I have ever met. All doing the rally for different reasons but pretty much all have a story about how cancer has affected their lives in a full spectrum of ways. It was humbling to listen to people tell their stories as we travelled along remote dirt roads and I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between this crazy adventure and the struggles we go through on our own life journeys.

It may be a long road but there’s always support when you need it. Teams stick together when you break down no matter what – they do anything they can to get you over the finish line. It’s a reminder of how essential it is to support each other when times get tough.

And most importantly – don’t forget to have a laugh along the way.

Photo by: Lachlan Gardiner

Over the past 7 years Shitbox Rally has raised over 11.5 million dollars for cancer research.
To find out more about this amazing adventure and maybe enter yourself or make a donation go to

Shout out to fellow creatives I’ve worked with on this – producer/filming extraordinaires Luisa Mirabilio from Think Loco & Teagan Glenane, Simon Koloadin, Photographer wizards Lachlan Gardiner and Jarrad Seng (who took that beautiful header photo) and of course James Freeman who thought of this crazy idea in the first place.