There are some things children shouldn’t have to see.

I find it pretty shocking sometimes that poverty can be so close to home. We’re a pretty lucky country (albeit far from perfect)

Recently I was asked to film a job just a short flight from Australia, to Papua New Guinea. The story to be told – children experience a very different childhood here than in Australia. Too often a childhood in PNG is scarred by poverty. We met children like Ravu, who tackled looking after his mother while she fought tuberculosis, only to eventually contract the disease himself.

This was a challenging job – it involved long days shooting, lots of long drives and meeting many people with all sorts of stories to tell. As always there was a happiness and beauty, but they had some pretty tough obstacles to overcome in life.

The campaign was produced by Mercer Bell with Papua New Guinea photography and film by Know Studio

Photography and Motion footage: Jocelyn Pederick (Cambodia), Cam Suttie, Know Studio (PNG)
Post Production: Frame Set Match; Emile Rademeyer, Creative Director; Tina Braham; Head of Production
Music: Matt Corby